Upcoming podcast on work-life balance for (new) parents in academia!

Coffee & Cocktails is back this month with a new episode on work-life balance for (new) parents in academia. After a much needed maternity break, we decided to explore the positives, negatives and tips of the trade that come with being a parent in a research-based environment. Below is a sneak peak of our upcoming guest-speakers!

Pia Jolliffe

Dr Pia Maria Jolliffe, University of Oxford; Research Fellow, Blackfriars Hall; Teaching and Research Associate, Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies

Mr Rasmus Rodineliussen, doctoral candidate at the department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University, focuses on the social mobilization of scuba divers in Sweden against marine debris. Theoretically he addresses his field from the vantage point of Political Ecology. Rasmus has previously worked on topics of migration, with a special focus on Syrian refugees in Sweden.
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