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Dr Kristin Stasiowski on ‘Turning Negatives into Positives’

Our final guest speaker for Saturday’s episode on ‘Turning Negatives into Positives’ features Dr Kristin Stasiowski of Kent State University who will be discovering her rediscovered love of nature during these times of crisis.

Dr Kristin Stasiowski, Kent State University

Having worked in study abroad/study away at Kent State University, I have done some major work during COVID to shift Kent State towards a more sustainable and academically rigorous organization of international programs–work that could not have happened had COVID not occurred and forced a change to normal working circumstances. However, despite my professional life, I would like to discuss health and wellness during COVID and my newfound (rediscovered) love of National Parks, mountain biking, and half-marathoning. All this with the idea that COVID has allowed me to rediscover nature and thus also my OWN “nature” by adopting a new outlook on my place in the world.

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