Dr Claudia Consolati, founder of the ‘Women Speak Up Project’

The Coffee & Cocktails Podcast is gearing up for its next episode in the ‘Inspiring Women’ series with Dr Claudia Consolati, Ph.D., founder of the ‘Women Speak Up Project’.

I am a thought-leader and researcher on women’s voices. My work focuses on understanding the traumas that have kept women silent for centuries, and on implementing the right strategies to amplify the voice of women on both a personal and collective level. I speak on these topics at universities and schools across the US and Canada, and in my college classes on film, gender, and sexuality.

I am also a business coach for visionary women entrepreneurs who want to build businesses based on their voice and thought-leadership. I help them find their unique message, overcome their fear of being seen and heard, and grow wildly successful businesses that change lives and have massive impact. I founded my company, The Women Speak Up Project, when I realized that I was meant to be more than just a professor. I went through a profound healing and transformational journey to find my own voice, and I wanted to be able to support other women in doing the same.

You can read more about my story here: https://lnkd.in/d8bqjvC

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