New Year’s episode on gang culture and ‘the hero’s journey’

This New Year’s episode is a particularly special one to me as it was a 20 year reunion with an old friend of mine whose work I came across in the New York Times about his adoption from Vietnam. Entitled ‘Why did she leave me there?’, Kacey talks about the emotional trauma that he faced as a result of his abandonment by his grandmother, and how as a researcher his own ‘hero’s journey’ helped him to want to understand how former gang members deal with trauma and try to move beyond it.



Show Notes:

To access the NYT article, see ‘Why did she leave me there?’:

Additional Readings:
Island in the street: Analyzing the function of gang violence from a culture and conflict perspective

From Dungeon Masters to Keepers of Peace: Tribalism, Dispute Resolution, and Theoretical Intervention within the Prison System

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