Guest speakers wanted for new series on ‘Banned Books & Controversial Texts’

The C&C Podcast is looking for guest speakers for its new series starting in June on ‘Banned books & Controversial texts’. Our goal is to discuss how books like The Satanic Verses, the Gnostic Bible, and Mein Kampf were able to move communities (and sometimes even countries) into questioning themselves and their roles in society for better (or sometimes even worse). It should be noted that our goal is not to endorse these books but to give our listeners and viewers an idea of the historical contexts surrounding these materials and how, as educators, we can learn from them as we work our way into the 21st century. We welcome material from all aspects of history (and even modern times), so if you have a text you would like to discuss, feel free to write us directly with your 2-3 sentence pitch here.

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