Episode 27: Inspiring Women: Dr Ritu Jain and disability awareness

In this final episode of our ‘Inspiring Women’ series I talk with Dr Ritu Jain, President of DEBRA (Singapore) and rare disease policy advocate for the Asia Pacific. In this episode we cover the differences between ‘invisible’ and ‘visible’ disabilities, and ‘orphan’ diseases, and what we can do as individuals in order to promote and encourage better disability awareness and inclusivity in the work environment and within society. I also disclose my own journey with an invisible condition and what it has meant for me as I navigate my identity and who I choose to tell (or not tell) about my experiences living with epilepsy.

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Show notes (for more information on today’s topic):

Rare Skin Conditions Society: https://www.rareskinconditions.org/

Asia Pacific Alliance of Rare Disease Organisations (APARDO): https://www.apardo.org

Rare Diseases International: https://www.rarediseasesinternational.org/

European Organisation for Rare Diseases (EURODIS): https://www.eurordis.org/

Butterfly Children: Living with extremely fragile skin:

And finally, Dr Ritu Jain’s book, Multilingual Singapore: Language Policies and Linguistic Realities, which comes with a discount code of 20% available on: https://www.routledge.com/Multilingual-Singapore-Language-Policies-and-Linguistic-Realities/Jain/p/book/9781032000435 

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