Bonus Episodes, C&C announcement

REGISTER for *Special LIVE online interview with Start-up Guru, Brady Simpson!*

*Special LIVE interview with Start-up Guru, Brady Simpson!*

This Saturday, the Coffee & Cocktails® Podcast is hosting a LIVE online studio interview, followed by Q&A, with Start-up Guru and serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, Brady Simpson.

As Founder and Owner of two consumer hardware start-ups and one consumer travel software start-up (in addition to running product at LinkedIn), he has agreed to talked with my Patrons about the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, work-life balance, work fulfillment and autonomy, and how academics can transition their way into the tech industry, and obtain 6-figure salaries.

This is a pretty rare opportunity and one that I would like all of you to take full advantage of while you have the chance. So if you’ve been on the fence about becoming a Patron, or if you have friends and colleagues who you think might be interested, all they need to do is register today!

Our £3 registration ends this Friday at 12pm BST (British Summer Time):

Those who register will be given a Zoom link to Saturday’s talk and Q&A.

To learn more about Brady’s businesses go to:
AND look at THE leading resource for building a startup:

I look forward to seeing you all there!

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