Ep. 31: The Gothic suppression of Victorian women: a look into ‘A Gothic Cookbook’

For the Controversies & Contraband series:

Alessandra Pino (aka: Allie) is the co-author of ‘A Gothic Cookbook’ and in this episode we explore the hidden world of the Gothic Victorian era. While her book focuses on the ‘relationship between food and the supernatural’, there are other elements to Gothic literature that connect food to violence, the oppressed roles of women, historical suppression, and servitude.

With the Halloween season almost in swing, her work would be a wonderful addition to creepy-crawly type literature, from Frankenstein to Dracula, alongside Anne Rice’s ‘Interview with a Vampire’…

Link to A Gothic Cookbook page: https://unbound.com/books/a-gothic-cookbook/

Discount code is: GOTHICPOD10

*We apologise for some of the sound quality in places. It must have been ghosts interfering with our technology 😉

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