Bonus Episodes, Panels

How to find employment with an Anthropology degree- NOW AVAILABLE!

For those of you who were unable to attend October’s LIVE panel discussion on the Coffee & Cocktails® Podcast, it’s FINALLY here!

Our discussants were anthropologists, Dr Laurens Bakker of the University of Amsterdam, and Senior Advisor, Masja Cohen of Haute Equipe who provided us with super helpful advice for soon-to-be graduates on how to find employment with an Anthropology degree.

To access the recording, just click the £3 tier on Patreon:

OR you can pay £3 on PayPal and we will send you a private link to the recorded panel:

And if you didn’t get the chance, make sure to check out their book Anthropologists wanted: Why organizations need Anthropology (Amsterdam University Press, 2021), a link to which is available here:…/9789463722261/anthropologists-wanted

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