Bonus Episodes

Bonus Episode: The art world’s hidden figures

For this month’s bonus episode on the Coffee & Cocktails® Podcast, I give you Dr Banu Karaca, who talks about the darker side of the art world through the eyes of its hidden figures: gallerists, art collectors, and corporate sponsors (sometimes referred to as neo-liberalists) in Istanbul (Turkey) and Berlin (Germany). With the history of art steeped in state violence, Karaca’s anthropological approach to understanding the art world provides us with an inward glimpse of the gatekeepers who possess and mediate how the public sees (and gains access to) art.

In the words of Karaca, ‘to know about art is to know about power.’

To listen, see:…/bonus-episode-the-art-worlds…

*If you want to learn more about Dr Karaca’s work, make sure to listen to Episode 28: Nazism, art, and questioning free speech.

Also, make sure to check out her book, ‘The National Frame: Art and State Violence in Turkey and Germany’ (Fordham University Press, 2021):…/the-national-frame/


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