Upcoming LIVE Workshop on Teaching in Higher Education

The academic podcast, Coffee & Cocktails®, is hosting an online 1-hour workshop on Saturday, February 5th at 17:00 GMT on ‘Tips and Tricks for Effective Teaching in Higher Education’. Our guest speakers include Associate Professor of Education at Pepperdine University (California, USA) Dr Carrie Birmingham, and Lecturer in Social Anthropology at SOAS, University of London, Dr Ben Bowles, both of whom will be providing teaching advice for novice (and experienced) educators and students on the cultural and educational expectations (and differences) in higher educational teaching in North America and the United Kingdom, followed by a Q&A.

This workshop is particularly useful for those thinking of teaching abroad and/or wanting to gain more teaching experience alongside their degrees and/or after they have completed their studies.

There are two ways to register, either through Patreon or PayPal, the cost of which is £3:

Patreon (select the 2nd tier):

PayPal (£3):

Note: If you register through PayPal, we will send you a Zoom link directly to access the workshop. Just make sure to send us your email address.

Registration is due Friday, February 4th at 12pm GMT.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the host.

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