Bonus Episodes

Patron-only Special release: Italy’s decision not to tear down statues, with Dr Hannes Obermair

How do we deal with preserving memory when the historical past can be so controversial?

In this Patreon-only special release (recorded in August 2021), Dr Hannes Obermair from EURAC Research gives us his perspectives on the role of statues and how South Tyrol’s decision to preserve its Fascist (and Nazi) past led to the creation of a documentation centre located in the basement vault underneath Bozen-Bolzano, Italy’s giant monument dedicated to none other than Mussolini.

For further reading, check out Prof Ruth Ben-Ghiat’s article in The New Yorker, ‘Why are so many Fascist monuments still standing in Italy?’ (2017):

Note: If you are not familiar with the history of South Tyrol, Italy, I highly suggest you listen to ‘Episode 30: Italy’s segregated schools’ before checking out this episode.

*PPT images from Hannes’ talk are available on Patreon*

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