Early release on Haredi and Hasidic Jewish identity!

Anthropologist, Dr Heather Munro

This month’s episode on the Coffee & Cocktails® Podcast was truly an educational eye-opener. While I thoroughly enjoy the research process for each and every episode, this one required a *lot* more work than I initially anticipated. That being said, I’ll think you’ll all enjoy this one on Haredi and Hasidic Jewish identity. But before it goes public, I want to introduce this month’s speaker, Dr Heather Munro:

Dr Heather L Munro recently completed her PhD in Anthropology at Durham University in the United Kingdom. Her thesis, entitled ‘Identity, Religion, and the State: Haredi Politics and Social Change in Israel’, was based on ethnographic fieldwork conducted in the ultra-orthodox Jewish communities of Israel with women artists and activists. Her recent work has concerned Hasidic Jewish experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic in New York and London, in conjunction with Johns Hopkins and Oxford.

For early access to this month’s episode on ‘Understanding Haredi and Hasidic Jewish Identity’ head over to: https://www.patreon.com/coffeeandcocktailspodcast


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