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Upcoming LIVE Panel: Academic vs Non-Fiction Publishing: From Start to Finish

UPCOMING PANEL DISCUSSION on ‘Academic vs Non-Fiction Publishing: From Start to Finish’

Saturday, February 25th at 16:00 GMT the Coffee & Cocktails® Podcast will be hosting a 1-hour panel to discuss and de-mystify the publication process from start to finish for those thinking about submitting their work to academic or non-fiction publishing houses:

We’ll cover concepts such as:

The timeline from beginning to end: from application to publication

– Editing and re-writing of manuscripts

– Responding to/ dealing with anonymous reviewers

– Adjusting your writing for different audiences

– And much more

We’ll also provide ample time for Q&A, as the publication process inevitably brings with it a host of questions!

Our guest speakers include:

Linguist, Dr Anna Marie Trester, author of ‘Employing linguistics: thinking and talking about careers for linguists’ (Bloomsbury 2022)

Anthropologist, Dr Venetia Johannes, author of ‘Nourishing the nation: Food as national identity in Catalonia’ (Berghahn books 2020)

Register by: Friday, February 24th at 12:00 GMT

Patreon members: £3 (

Non-members: £5 (


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