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Remembering Dr Abhay Xaxa, 1983-2020

*Re-posted with permission by Dr Rebecca Prentice from 'Culture and Capitalism'* “So I draw my own picture, and invent my own grammar, I make my own tools to fight my own battle, For me, my people, my world, and my Adivasi self!” With sadness we remember our friend and colleague, Dr Abhay Xaxa, who passed away… Continue reading Remembering Dr Abhay Xaxa, 1983-2020

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Episode 16: COVID series Part I: Educating the Roma

“I feel that if you’re on the margins, the strange thing is that you have more power. If you are not within a structure, you’ve got nothing to lose, then in a strange kind of way you gain everything.” - Dr Julia Bolton Holloway (taken from: https://citydesert.wordpress.com/2017/12/11/julia-bolton-holloway/) Dr Ann Wand had the pleasure of sitting… Continue reading Episode 16: COVID series Part I: Educating the Roma

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COVID series: Starting June 6th!

We're finally getting back into the rhythm of things starting with our COVID series, Saturday June 6th. We're kicking it off with religious sister, Professor Emerita, and custodian of the English cemetery in Florence, Italy, Dr Julia Bolton Holloway. She'll be telling us about her incredible work educating Italy's Roma community. *Like the topics we’re… Continue reading COVID series: Starting June 6th!

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New COVID series on ‘Coffee & Cocktails’

Apologies for the silence but C&C is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a COVID series starting this June. Rather than wait for the studio to open, we'll be taking advantage of Zoom and recording live (bloopers and all!) If you'd like to get in on the action and have ideas for future… Continue reading New COVID series on ‘Coffee & Cocktails’

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Coffee & Cocktails: Podcast 6- English language policy and UK security

https://soundcloud.com/user-579024727/podcast-6-english-language-policy-and-uk-security Dr Kamran Khan from the University of Lleida, in Catalonia, Spain and visitor at King's College, London tells us about his most recent work on citizenship, ESOL policy and (Islamophobic) suspicion in the UK. https://soundcloud.com/coffeeandcocktails/podcast-6-english-language-policy-and-uk-security *Like the topics we're discussing? Consider becoming a Patreon member for as little as £1 per month to help finance… Continue reading Coffee & Cocktails: Podcast 6- English language policy and UK security