Bonus Episodes


Check out our LIVE bonus episodes every month! This is a chance for our guest speakers to dive into the topics they are most passionate about. In addition, our Patrons get the opportunity to talk with our speakers live to ask questions about the work that they do as well as learn from their experience. To sign up, become a Patron for just £1 per month. Learn more here.

New Bonus Episode: Anti-Vaxxers and the Haredi Jewish Community of New York

Our latest bonus episode for our Controversies and Contraband series is with the lovely Dr Heather Munro, available now on Patreon: Following on from our previous episode on Haredi and Hasidic Jewish identity (Episode 36), this part II focuses on the anti-vax movement existent amongst the Haredi community of New York. With a history…

Bonus Episode: Cuban identity as it relates to dark food

The concept of ‘dark food’, like ‘dark tourism’, is directly linked to consumption and how identities are forged by making sense of the past through present-day cultural memories. In this bonus episode with Alessandra Pino, co-author of A Gothic Cookbook, we discuss her research on understanding dark food through the Cuban legacies of slavery and…

Bonus Episode: Questioning (white) Western feminism & Muslim women’s identity

We’re starting off 2023 with our latest bonus episode with none other than Sonia Gulzeb Abbasi on ‘Questioning (white) Western feminism & Muslim women’s identity’. For the audio version click here: For the video interview click here: #feminism#coffeeandcocktailspodcast#thewest#pakistan#afghanistan#women#culture#anthropology#podcast#interview Happy New Year!


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