Bonus Episodes


Check out our LIVE bonus episodes every month! This is a chance for our guest speakers to dive into the topics they are most passionate about. In addition, our Patrons get the opportunity to talk with our speakers live to ask questions about the work that they do as well as learn from their experience. To sign up, become a Patron for just £1 per month. Learn more here.

Bonus Episode: Questioning (white) Western feminism & Muslim women’s identity

We’re starting off 2023 with our latest bonus episode with none other than Sonia Gulzeb Abbasi on ‘Questioning (white) Western feminism & Muslim women’s identity’. For the audio version click here: For the video interview click here: #feminism#coffeeandcocktailspodcast#thewest#pakistan#afghanistan#women#culture#anthropology#podcast#interview Happy New Year!

Now available! Bonus Episode: Confronting biases in the workplace

The newest bonus episode is finally here! Bonus Episode: Confronting biases in the workplace Addressing intersectionality, diversity, and identity are becoming more important in the workplace, especially when it comes to multicultural group dynamics, and how, as people, we approach the work environment. In this bonus episode with anthropologist, Helidth Ravenholm, she discusses her role…


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