LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP on ‘Staying in or getting out of Academia’ on Saturday, April 17th

NEW LIVE WORKSHOP with Dr Julie Scanlon on SATURDAY, APRIL 17th

Come sign up for our NEW LIVE WORKSHOP on ‘Staying in or getting out of academia: identities, values and practicalities’ with Dr Julie Scanlon.

If you are wondering whether to stay or to leave academia or perhaps have no choice but to leave, questions of what else you might possibly do, what your new ‘identity’ might be and how and where to begin exploring options are likely to be on your mind. This session gives some ways to structure those thoughts and tips for making decisions that are right for you. We consider identity and values, priorities and practicalities to help you find your way forward.

If you’re interested, sign up on Patreon by Friday, April 16th, or DM us for more details:

About Dr Julie Scanlon:
I am a consultant and trainer in diversity and inclusion, with a specialism in gender and LGBT inclusion, and I am a professional development coach. I was an academic until four years ago when I decided to liberate myself to follow my own path.

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