Episode 32: Cancel vs Call-out Culture

This month for our ‘Controversies and Contraband’ series for the Coffee & Cocktails® Podcast, I give you our newest episode on Cancel vs Call-Out culture:

What are the differences (if any) between cancel versus call-out culture? And what sort of effects can cancel culture have on an individual through the lens of social media? In this one- hour episode, Dr Wand sits down with consulting anthropologist and founder of Culture Contact, Helidth Ravenholm, to discuss the multi-layered consequences of online bullying through social venues like Twitter and Reddit. ‘The road to hell’ so it is said, ‘is paved with good intentions.’ Could the same be said of social media and its support of cancel culture?

Show notes:

Reading list: If readers want to look up the cases we mention, we suggest they read especially about Isabel Fall, as well as the article on Men’s Rights Asian group (links provided). They illustrate part of what we will be discussing.

How Twitter can ruin a life: https://www.vox.com/the-highlight/22543858/isabel-fall-attack-helicopter

“Men’s Rights Asians” Think This Is Their Moment: https://slate.com/technology/2021/09/mens-rights-asians-aznidentity-stop-asian-hate-reddit.html

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